Puerto Plata resort personnel has been rehired

Puerto Plata hotelAs the substantial increase in tourists has boosted occupancy

The resort city’s hotel personnel laid off during Dominican Republic’s low tourist season has been rehired as the substantial increase in tourists has boosted occupancy, said the spokesman for the Playa Dorada Hotels, Condominiums and Business Owners Association, Julio Almonte.

He said a rising demand for human resources accelerated the process to reinstate the employees in the Costa Dorada and Cofresí hotels.

As published by the Central Bank the hotel occupancy rate for the destination formed by Puerto Plata, Cofresí, Maimón, Sosúa and Cabarete fell to 53% during 2011, and dipped to critical levels in the low season.

The fact that Puerto Plata was the tourism destination which posted the worse hotel occupancy during that period brought extreme uncertainty to local hoteliers, forcing layoffs of thousands of workers.

The hotelier, who’s also manager of the Celuisma Tropical hotel, said the hoteliers concentrated in attracting more tourists in the high season and will continue with the strategy.

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