JULY 2012

Projects inaugurated in Puerto Plata province

Puerto Plata parkIncluding the General Gregorio Luperon Museum

Yesterday, Thursday 28 June, President Leonel Fernandez inaugurated several projects in Puerto Plata province including the General Gregorio Luperon Museum. The house where the historic general lived was restored and turned into a museum at a cost of RD$90 million.

Gregorio Luperon (8 September 1839 n 21 May 1897) is recognized as the main leader in the restoration of the Dominican Republic after the Spanish annexation in 1863. The annexation occurred when General Pedro Santana fearing renewed attack from Haiti, asked Spain to retake control of the country. The Dominican Republic had declared independence from Haiti in 1844.

The President said during the inaugural that the Dominican Republic was one of the few countries in the continent that after having achieved independence went on to have another revolution, the War of Restoration, in which General Luperon played a leading role.

The President was accompanied by the Administrative Minister of the Presidency Luis Manuel Bonetti, the president of the Permanent Commission of the Declaration of Independence Juan Daniel Balcacer and the governor of Puerto Plata Eridania Llibre Jimenez.

Fernandez then inaugurated a series of other projects costing a total of over RD$1.234 billion, including roads, aqueducts, schools, sports installations and housing projects.

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